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Airforms Inc. Product Catalog

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- Updated June 9, 2014.

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Aircraft Engine BafflesAirforms Inc. provides high quality replacement aircraft engine baffles for 36 different aircraft, including: Why Aircraft Engine Baffling is Important 
Click here to see what aircraft engine baffles do and why you need new ones!

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208 Parts We are working hard to help with replacement parts for your Cessna 208/208B aircraft. See our products pages and visit often for new additions to our PMA approvals.

Update May 16, 2014: Airforms recently awarded multiple new FAA PMA approvals

PA-31 Series Cabin Door Latch, Helio H-295 Stabilator Hinge Bracket, And Cessna 207 Cargo Door Up-latch

Airforms continues to grow its line of PMA replacement offerings for hard-to-find parts. The PA-31 Series Cabin Door Latch (Piper PN 472-004), Helio Courier Stabilator Hinge Brackets, and Cessna 207 Cargo Door Up-Latch were all requests from operators who were unable to source replacement parts for their fleet of aircraft.

Piper PA-28-181 Archer II and III and PA-28R-200/201 Arrow II and III engine baffles

Our product line here at Airforms has expanded once again to include both Archer and Arrow replacement engine baffles. Reinforced for improved performance and longevity, our baffles will save both time and money. As always, our baffles are maintained in stock and available in powder coating. Airforms is a proud supplier of 50+ FAA PMA engine baffles and many other PMA parts.

CASA 212-200 Brake Disc

Our turboprop PMA parts line continues to grow with a new PMA replacement brake disc for CASA 212 Aviocar aircraft. New brake discs are in stock and ready to ship - with a 60% savings from OEM list price! Approval of this replacement brake disc exemplifies Airforms core mission to serve our customers with FAA PMA parts that solve fleet operational issues and reduce cost.

New engine baffles added for Piper PA-28-161 Warrior and PA-28-236 Dakota

Airforms continues expansion of our baffle product line with Piper Warrior and Dakota engine baffles. We maintain stock of all our baffle assemblies and can typically ship many kits within a day. As with all our baffle kits, the Warrior and Dakota baffles are reinforced for increased service life, and are available in a powder coat finish.
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