C208/C208B Torque Link STC

C208/C208B Torque Link STC

Price: $950.00
For Aircraft by:  Cessna
For Aircraft Model(s)  C208, C208B

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Airforms designed this STC to help operators keep the nose gear linkage tight and shimmy-free. As the torque link joints loosen over time the nose gear is prone to shimmy, especially when operating the larger diameter nose wheel. This STC acknowledges the fact that wear is going to happen over the life of the gear, but by providing oversized pins and a carefully designed set of tools, wear can be removed incrementally to keep the nose gear operating like new. Other options for nose gear maintenance require that the entire nose gear be removed and sent off to be repaired by a repair station. This STC allows the gear to remain on the aircraft and the specialized tool kit allows the wear points to be reamed to exact sizes, even in the field. We've put a lot of thought into this and we truly hope that this STC will dramatically reduce the number of nose gear swaps you must accomplish to keep your Caravan operating. This STC will result in significant reduction in maintenance cost over the life of the aircraft.

Some Highlights

What does the Airforms Torque Link Pin STC do for my 208/208B?

  • Allows for the replacement of loose C208/208B Nose Gear torque link pins and bolts (Cessna Part Numbers 2643091-1 & 2643092-1)
  • Allows for reaming of the torque links, bushings and aircraft attachment points, and installation of Airforms Part Numbers AF2643091-1 & AF2643092-1 in graduating oversizes to remove joint slop
  • STC can be installed on aircraft without removing nose gear, including reaming operations with available specialty tool kit
  • Torque links that were previously shelved for not meeting the maintenance manual limits can be evaluated and potentially put back into service

What about the parts?

  • Oversized FAA PMA’d pins & bolts available in .010, .020 and .030 oversizes
  • Standard sized pins & bolts also available
  • FAA PMA’d pins & bolts sold with STC and separately
  • Precision machined pins and bolts are Cad plated for long life

What else do I need to install? 

  • Tool kit available with piloted reamers of all 3 oversizes
  • Shim washer installation to accommodate joint wear at center pivot
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